BFO2655 – Blue Lion

The Fat One closes out the first quarter of 2018 with the Vulgarian National Anthem, some Easter packages, a taste test and the announcement of the February So-So Question month contest. Happy Easter Fools weekend.

BFO2654 – Chance for Change

The Fat One has a true natterfest today with the coupon, a giftette in the Villa mailbox, some wise old thoughts and some e-letter funnies from the Hatarina. Happy Lemon Chiffon Cake Day.

BFO2653 – Stuffed Sausage

The Fat One is here to celebrate Hump Day with some Pride48 info and lots of voiceletters. Happy National Something on a Stick Day.

BFO2652 – Defiled a Buddist Temple

The Fat One is dragging a bit today since he didn’t sleep worth a Whitman Tinker’s damn. But there’s some old voiceletters, something in the Villa mailbox and more. Happy National Frozen Food Month.

BFO2651 – Aeropuerto Coleslaw

The Fat One licks off Chocolate Bunny week with nattering and a weekend update. Happy National Spinach Day.

BFO2650 – Sharts in Space

The Fat One closes out Shart Week 2018 with nattering, something in the Villa mailbox, voiceletters and a start story or two. Happy Weekend!

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BFO2649 – Poop Tonic

Shart Week continues with a couple of voiceletters including Shart stories and then the Fat One presents the coupon and concludes the long weekend in Hatlanta. Happy National Water Day.

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BFO2648 – Gay Days?

The Fat One is back from Hatlanta and has a Start Story for you and a recap of the first half of the Hatlanta trip. Happy Humping!

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