BFO3619 – Gazing with Patrick and Woody

It’s an special episode of The Gaze from Hawaii today plus some Pride48 community news. Happy National Fried Shrimp Day.

BFO3514 – Chrima in July Week!

With less than 5 months until Chrima, the Fat One presents Chrima music in addition to his normal natterfest which, today, includes a recap of his Pride48 weekend! Happy National Coffee Milkshake Day.

BFO3513 – Pride48 Weekend

The Fat One is excited about Pride48 weekend and talks about when to tune in before he tries to remember his day in Fat Acres and even has time for a few voiceletters. Happy National Vanilla Ice Cream Day.

BFO3509 – Guilty Pleasure

The Fat One returns with a recap of his weekend in Fat Acres and the announcement of when he will be on LIVE during the Pride48 weekend. Happy National Daiquiri Day.

BFO3493 – The Clicker Thing

The Fat One closes out the week with a recap of his day in Fat Acres, some voiceletters and a check of the e-letters. Don’t forget State of the Station tonight at 9:30pm in the evening EDT. Happy Weekend!

BFO3484 – Lost Keys

The Fat One kicks off the week with a recap of the weekend and a reminder of the Friday Pride48 deadline. Happy National Strawberry Shortcake Day.

BFO3482 – Buffering in Fat Acres

The Fat One has a recap of his day, to include the coupon, but starts off with a LIVE! sign-up for the LITTLE show for the Pride48 weekend, July 23-25. Happy National Iced Tea Day.

BFO3449 – Round Rug

The Fat One is back with a recap of his weekend, a Pride48 update and LOTS of nattering. Start Week returns NEXT MONDAY so get you start calls in NOW! Happy National Pretzel Day.

BFO3448 – A Hard No!

The Fat One closes out the week with a short recap of his day, an update from Patty, Patty Bacon and several vaccine update calls. Don’t forget the Pride48 State of the Station broadcast at 9:30pm EDT. Happy weekend!

BFO3292 – Add to Bag

The Fat One closes out the week with a preview of the Pride48 Zoom Weekend, a recap of his day and lots of general nattering. Happy National Cheeseburger Day.