BFO2501 – Barbie Pink

The Fat One finishes nattering about the weekend before taking some voice letters and starting to tell about the entertainment on the Cruise of a Lifetime. Happy Chop Suey Day.

BFO2494 – Special Chair for Dummies

The Fat One closes out the week with some nattering, voice letters, a gentleman caller report, a cruise countdown and there was something in the Villa mailbox. Happy weekend!

BFO2467 – Intense

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show today which includes nattering, a cruise update, voice letters, an Ask Big Fatty question (or three) and a story about a dead parrot. Happy Humping!

BFO2452 – Summer Pattern

The Fat One natters about the weather before giving a cruise update, reading a card and talking about Pride48 weekend starting this Friday. Happy humping!

BFO2434 – Val Chkmercackalacki

The Fat One closes out the week by tying up some loose ends (VULGAH). There’s haikus, an Ask Big Fatty question, a cruise update and much, much more. Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

BFO822 – Off to San Juan, Mexico

The Fat One, Miss Kitty, Granny and Miss Porter are packed and on their way to the aeropuerto (Mexican for aeropuerto) for the trip to San Juan.  Happy Weekend.

BFO821 – The Arlo Munson Test

The Fat One has some voiceletters, a cruise update and an “Ask Big Fatty” question.  Plus there’s a test of uncontrollable laughter.  Happy National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day.

BFO248 – Clearing the Air

The Fat One is excited that it is Friday of a long weekend.  There’s talk about listener comments and a clarification or two about the “BFO #1 Listener” contest.  Happy Weekend!


BFO240 – Phlegmy McPhlegmphlegm

The Fat One is full of wings and salad as he tells you about his first day back at the Coal Mine.  There are voiceletters and a cruise ship update also.  Happy Tuesday.