BFO475 – Semen Displacement Hypothesis

Dear Gussie… from that title who knows what the Fat One is nattering about today.  Get ready for a recap of some of the LONG weekend and the arrival of the 2nd Chrima card to the BFO.  And remember that today is the LAST DAY to vote for the BFO at podcastawardscom.


BFO474 – We Don’t Eat the Wheat Chex

It’s a natterfest and the train goes off the tracks FAST and OFTEN.  Get your pencils ready for a special version of a holiday favorite (favourite in the UK and the Southern hemisphere).  Happy Lacist Friday!


BFO473 – Save 10 Cents on a Tootsie Roll

The Fat One is a bit reflective today but talks about a FABULOUS coupon and FINALLY shares his Thanksgiving story (and a little special music today).  Special thanks to Miss Lauren for today’s showfart.


BFO472 – Out of Both Ends

Big Fatty starts just after a Gentleman Caller leaves so he’s a little congested.  There’s a visit to the Fat Cave, an unexpected phone caller and an update about Cockermouth being flooded in Cumbria.  Dear Gussie!


BFO471 – First Card of the Season

Big Fatty gets his FIRST Chrima Card of the season and there’s lots of surprises inside.  Plus there are some voiceletters and, believe it or not, some nattering!  Happy National Sardines Day.  VILE!


BFO470 – Nitty Gritty

The Fat One natters today about all kinds of stuff including the origin of the term “nitty gritty.”  The BFO STR8 listeners are given a challenge this week so get on it!


BFO469 – Mechanical Butthole

Dear Gussie!  Big Fatty got so much response from the Thursday show that he has a footnote for today’s trainwreck.  Plus there’s a trip into the Fat Cave and some special items sent to Big Fatty which he’s added to his Chrima list.  See you at Patrick’s Pub Online tonight for the Leather Horror event AFTER the 7PM Eastern recording of the Little Fatty Cast on


BFO468 – The Wise, Old Fatty

The Fat One gets up on his soapbox to just remind everyone that life wasn’t meant to be easy and that we all need to look out for ourselves and each other…. kinda serious but not too bad.  Plus it’s the return of “Memory Lane” music.  Happy Thursday!


BFO467 – Pluggin’ KB

The Fat One takes you over the hump today with some tips on how to live longer and voiceletters.  Happy National Georgia Pecan Month.


BFO466 – Great Big Loveable Trainwreck

The Fat One has an e-letter from Larry the Lurker and announces his upcoming trip to Washington, DC.  There’s ever a toxic surprise to share.  Don’t forget the Fat!