BFO475 – Semen Displacement Hypothesis

Dear Gussie… from that title who knows what the Fat One is nattering about today.  Get ready for a recap of some of the LONG weekend and the arrival of the 2nd Chrima card to the BFO.  And remember that today is the LAST DAY to vote for the BFO at podcastawardscom.


BFO469 – Mechanical Butthole

Dear Gussie!  Big Fatty got so much response from the Thursday show that he has a footnote for today’s trainwreck.  Plus there’s a trip into the Fat Cave and some special items sent to Big Fatty which he’s added to his Chrima list.  See you at Patrick’s Pub Online tonight for the Leather Horror event AFTER the 7PM Eastern recording of the Little Fatty Cast on


BFO468 – The Wise, Old Fatty

The Fat One gets up on his soapbox to just remind everyone that life wasn’t meant to be easy and that we all need to look out for ourselves and each other…. kinda serious but not too bad.  Plus it’s the return of “Memory Lane” music.  Happy Thursday!