6 thoughts on “BFO474 – We Don’t Eat the Wheat Chex

  1. You have the sweetest giggle and when you laugh you always make me smile 🙂
    Oh, is Miss Kitty a lesbian? Her voice is soooooooo hot, it gave the Beaver the shivers this morning – and how much do we all love the morning shivers 🙂

  2. Hey BF! I love the poster(boy) you created for the Atlanta meet&greet! Very attractive model, nice colors and obviously enough Wes goodness for all of you 🙂
    Will lesbians be admitted or do I have to crash again?

  3. Tofurkey! No! noooo!!! No I did NOT have the tofurkey for the thanksgivin’! ick! I had multiple meatless side dishes.

  4. This was a great show and I am only a month behind now!

    You and I totally agree on Chex Mix except I am not a fan of Cheerios in it and do not like mix nuts either.

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