Chicargo Photos

Here are some pictures from the Hootenanny at Buck’s Saloon.



The Fat One and John Michael Haas of “The Daily Purge”


“PNS Explosion” Noah and the Fat One.


Miss La La La Lauren and BF.


We all know that BF loves T&T — thats short for Tom & Terry!


Three podcasters — Ramble Redhead, Omar and John Michael Haas.

BFO344 – It’s Like Gumby

It’s Friday and Miss Wes from Live It Up! is headed to town to start the BBQ-eating tour of the South!  There are plenty of surprises on today’s show.  Happy weekend and look for Chicargo Hootenanny photos at Noon eastern today!


BFO343 – Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

The Fat One remembered that he forgot about another Chicargo Gentleman Caller.  There’s an explanation of the RUINED opening on the Wednesday show and the Gay Days Blog is up and running.


BFO342 – A Mass of Horror Humanity

The Fat One starts off on a serious note before getting into the nitty-gritty details of the Chicargo Gentlemen Callers.  There’s even more time for voiceletters.  See a video of the Big Fatty Meet and Greet from the YouTubes and look for photos later this week.


BFO341 – I Have It On Good Authority…

The Fat One is back in the Fat Cave and details his travel day before beginning to recap the weekend.  There’s confusion over Gentlemen Callers just as the ending music begins.  More lurid details on Hump Day <evil grin>.


BFO340 – Chicargo Listener Meet & Greet

The Fat One just begins to recap the weekend and chats mainly about the Saturday Meet and Greet.  Photos to come once I return to the Fat Cave.


BFO339 – Fightin’ Weight

The Fat One has blown into the Windy City and they are changing the sign s to read “Welcome to the Gassy City.”  BF recaps the trip and catches up on some e-letters.  Happy Friday to all!


BFO338 – Off to the Chicargos

Up, up and away!  The Fat One is flying to the IML in the Chicargos for a long weekend of fun and excitement.  But before hoisting on the plane, BF wants you to vote for the Biloxi Blues Boys at  Happy Thursday!


BFO337 – BF Dares You!

The Fat One has lots on his list today and natters about chicken, the Hamisol, the Canadas and much more.  Plus he DARES YOU to do something!  Happy National Quiche Lorraine Day.