BFO1570 – End of Year #6

The Fat One closes out his 6th year of LITTLE shows with nattering, #1 Fan entires and voice letters. Don’t forget that the deadline for the 2014 #1 Fan contest is 5pm EST today! And remember to listen to the kick-off of Year #7 and the selection of the 2014 #1 Fan during halftime of the Superb Owl. Happy Friday.


BFO1569 – It’s a Job

The Fat One bring you up-to-date with the winter weather at the Fat Cave and a report from Hatlanta. Plus there’s time for a trip to Spotting Big Fatty, a reading of #1 Fan entries and some sage advice. Happy National Croissant Day.


BFO1568 – Black Ice – Racist!

The Fat One has a weather (rat) update from the Fat Cave but also visits Spotting Big Fatty, reads #1 Fan entries and heads into the Fat Cave to natter about the Quiz Programs. Happy Humping!

Here’s the LINK for the video I mention on today’s LITTLE show.


BFO1565 – Shartistic Excellence in Podcasting

The Fat One closes out Shart Week with some updates from the e-letter box before making a correction to the #1 Fan Contest and some Memory Lane Music. Happy Weekend!

Here’s the video from turnipHed Gesund Heit

and here’s the link to the Gummy Bear Reviews from Joe Z. for you to read


BFO1564 – Shartic Vortex

The Fat One has a pot of soup on the stove in preparation for the Shartic Vortex but takes time to read some #1 Fan entries, talk about the coupon and tell about a visit to the P.O. Box. Plus there’s a funny product review just perfect for this week. Happy National Pie Day.