BFO672 – Leaked and Soiled

The Fat One is back in the Fat Cave but is still EXHAUSTED.  Mercifully today’s little show was recorded at a reasonable hour.  There’s chitta-chat about the ride home from the Horror Hotel plus talk about the quiz programs.  Don’t forget to say RABBIT-RABBIT first thing when you wake up on Wednesday.

BFO671 – Tax Letters

Dear Gussie McMussie!  Someone has been severely overserved and is TIRED but rounded up the energy for today’s little show.  Happy National Toasted Marshmallow Day.

BFO670 – I Forgot the Title

The Fat One has been overserved so it’s  DRUNKIECAST today.  I mentioned a GREAT title during the show but forgot when I went to post it.  Happy weekend to everyone.

BFO669 – Horror Packing

The Fat One has arrived at the Horror Hotel but there’s a recap of the packing and trip over on today’s little show.  PLUS there’s a new listener who just loves the Fat One.  Happy 4 months until  Boxing Day.

BFO668 – Cocktails & Keebobs

The Fat One is off to the Horror Hotel but not before relating a Full Moon story and reviewing the upcoming schedule of HORROR events.  There’s even a musical break while he has a colonic explosion.  P.S.  Only 4 months until Chrima!

BFO667 – Shuffle Along

The Fat One has nothing on his list today so he does a quiz sent to him by Drunkie Mike from the Virginia/Virgina.  It’s an absolute HOOT and PERFECT for a full moon.

BFO666 – Mark of the Fat One

Dear Gussie the Fat One is possessed today as he celebrates episode 666.  There are voiceletters and a weekend recap but mainly it’s just a trainwreck.  Special thank to Miss LaLaLa Lauren for today’s special artwork.

BFO665 – Baked Pig

Dear Gussie the Fat One is excited today because he spotted the Ratmobile!  Plus there was avoiceletter from the new updated BFO app and a few other surprises.  Happy Weekend!

BFO664 – Hangnail

Dear Gussie it all starts with BREAKING NEWS and ends with Big Balls…. and you won’t believe all the things stuffed in the middle.  Happy National Potato Day.

BFO663 – Little Urchins

The Fat One has more scratch offs today and a walk down Memory Lane.  Send your first day of school memories to the BFO!