6 thoughts on “BFO666 – Mark of the Fat One

  1. my CrackBook will not download this episode Big Fatty,
    not only does it keep me from alcohol ‘the devils drop’, it also ensures my ears are not poluted by any possible filth!

    episode 666 of a GAY and FAT podcast, was instantly deleted. 🙁 sorry.
    Hope you didn’t do or say anything new in the show today.


  2. I must correct a very grave error of fact that occurred at the top of the episode today:

    On Episode 103 of my “little show” the Rev. BJ Mann gave the show’s first (and last) ever guest editorial, in which he compared the flatulence and burping of the Fat One to the emissions of the Devil himself.

    You need a better fact-checking department.

    Much love to my Big Brother.

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