BFO1110 – Quick Reactions

The Fat One has lots to report since the last LITTLE show. There’s a trip to the Von’s East, the P.O. Box and much. much more. The BFO Assistant got the “exiting” celebrations in after the show was recorded so they will be included tomorrow. Happy National Oatmeal Cookie Day.

BFO1109 – Even With the Podfather

The Fat One and the Podfather are tied at 1109 episodes today so what better reason to have a special LITTLE SHOW to mark the occasion that a episode of The Gaze. Happy weekend.

BFO1108 – L FA BA

The Fat One has some updates on Pride 48 reservations plus several voiceletters to share. Don’t forget to submit your items to Spotting Big Fatty. Thank you for calling!

BFO1107 – Order Blank

The Fat One has the news many of you have been waiting for on today’s LITTLE show. But there’s still time for a trip to Spotting Big Fatty too! Happy Humping.


BFO1106 – A Glass and a Half

The Fat One is worried about dropping listenership (and pants) but feels better after a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and some voiceletters. Happy National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day.

BFO1105 – No Swim Caps

The Fat One recaps the weekend which includes a trip to the Vons East and the P.O. Box. Best wishes to the Tin Man! Happy National Cherry Cheesecake Day.

BFO1104 – Not a Good Thursday

The Fat One introduces a brand new segment that NO other LITTLE show does. Plus there’s a health report and some basic nattering Happy FRIDAY!

BFO1103 – Dead Dick

It’s off the tracks and full of vulgahness today as the Fat One natters about quiz programs and more. Plus there are some voiceletters from voices from the past. Happy National Garlic Day.

BFO1102 – It’s Astronomical

The sound is TERRIBLE in the first minute after the opening but it gets fixed before the Fat One natters about other LITTLE shows and something that happens once every 823 years. Happy Animal Crackers Birthday.

BFO1101 – The Pants Off Cure

Dr. Fatty is IN today and had made a medical discovery. Plus there’s a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and some voiceletters. Special congratulations to the Little Aussie Battler.