BFO1100 – Colon Alarm

The Fat One has returned from a HORRAH weekend and has a full report on the activities plus an update on the diet, gas mileage and the coupon! Happy National Eggs Benedict Day.

BFO1099 – Miss Corter

It’s Friday the 13th and the Fat One is off to the HORRAH. But before hitting the read, he records a LITTLE show that includes lots of nattering and some voiceletters… in other words, a TRAINWRECK. Happy Weekend.

BFO1098 – Squirt It On Your Finger

VULGAH! The Fat One natters about a new iPad game recommended by Trucker Alex, he opens the giftette from yesterday’s LITTLE show and then plays a few voiceletters. Don’t forget to visit Spotting Big Fatty.

BFO1097 – Organ Meats and Toenails

Dear Gussie! The Fat One takes it off the tracks early today nattering about spam and other meat products before reading some lovely cards. Happy National Cheese Fondue Day.

BFO1096 – Full Body Scan

The Fat One is Mad as a Snake today and blows it out. There are a few good things that happened but most everything gets a blow out. Thank you for calling! Happy National Cinnamon Crescent Day.

BFO1095 – Pants Lie!

The Fat One recaps the weekend and adds a brand new segment (that no one does on any other little show) today. Don’t forget your half priced Easter candies (except See’s).

BFO1094 – Rabbit Fricassee

The Fat One has NOTHING but nattering on today’s LITTLE SHOW but somehow manages to fill the 20 minutes…. probably because it is a FULL MOON. Happy National Caramel Popcorn Day.

BFO1093 – A Piece of My Mind

The Fat One has voiceletters and plenty of nattering on today’s LITTLE SHOW. If anyone sees Straight Bob, let the Fat One know. Get your Easter Egg photos over to Spotting Big Fatty. Thank you for calling.

BFO1092 – Excitement in Knoxville

The Fat One has an update on the ESCAPE and has information about the upcoming Pride 48 weekend in Las Vegas. Plus there is a special coupon for you to win prizes AND voiceletters. Happy National Cordon Bleu Day.

BFO1091 – Gingerbear Stench

The Fat One finishes the weekend report which included some gentleman callers, a Goggle hangout and more. Plus there are some voiceletters as well. Here’s the link from the April Phool’s e-letter that MooseP forwarded to me. UNDERPANTS