BFO540 – Fixing My Opening

Dear Gussie, the Fat One has made an error!  But today he fixes it so everyone can enjoy it.  Plus there’s news of a trip to see Lurry Warbucks and Daniel Beaver AND and trip into the Fat Cave.  Thanks to everyone for making Anniversirarium month a good one and Happy Full Moon.

BFO539 – BF Has a Big Box

Dear Gussie you’ll just have to listen to hear about this giant box that BF has.  Plus there are some voiceletters and a few other tidbits.  Happy National Clam Chowder Day!

BFO538 – The Good Orange Juice

The Fat One stayed home again and is feeling much better because of it.  Lots of Vitamin C, clean sheets and a trip to the store for the Good Orange Juice all get some of the credit.  Plus there’s an unbelievable story about the Sears and Roebuck.  Happy Hump Day to all!

BFO537 – And the Verdict is…..

We find out today if you were successful in getting Jeremiah to do his own podcast.  The Fat One is not feeling well so it’s a little unusual.  Hopefully things will be better tomorrow.  If not, RUINED!

BFO536 – Jeremiah’s Fans Shout Out

The Fat One recaps the weekend before the e-letters and voiceletters start.  Lots of encouragement from BFO listeners SHOULD get Jeremiah motivated to announce his new podcast.  What a great day to celebrate George Birthington’s Washday.

BFO535 – In the Underworld

Dear Gussie there are a couple of phone calls in support of Jeremiah’s podcast but he writes an e-letter to express his disappointment from the lack of responses.  YOU can still make a difference and call TODAY at 206-337-1438 and show support.  In addition to that, the Fat One talks about the coupon and more.  Many thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for today’s excellent new artwork.

BFO534 – Skedaddle

The Fat One natters the train right off the tracks with call-outs for new Twitty requests and some “Ask Big Fatty” question.  Don’t forget that tomorrow is the last day to get your voiceletters in for Jeremiah!

BFO533 – Green Poop

Dear Gussie…. the Fat One tells LOTS of details about the big Horror weekend.  Don’t forget that FRIDAY is the last day you can call to encourage Jeremiah to start his own podcast.  And whatever you do, tell those people they have something smuged on their foreheads today.

BFO532 – Poopdeck Pappy

It’s Fat Tuesday and Big Fatty has voiceletters to share with everyone today.  Plus there’s a surprise visit from Granny and Miss Porter too!  Hopefully the Fat One will have more energy tomorrow.

BFO531 – Gazing with Michael B.

The Fat One is excited to have special guest Michael Brandon in the Horror studio for an episode of The Gaze.  I’ll have a blow-by-blow recap of the Horror contest weekend on tomorrow’s show (if I can remember.)  Remember to check the Michael Brandon twitty at Noon eastern!  Dear Gussie.