BFO1067 – One BFO Leap Left

The Fat One has updates on the shingles, Leap Day and more before heading down into the Fat Cave for a quiz program update. Do something special today…. like calling 206.337.1438.

BFO1066 – On the Mending Trail

The Fat One has been to the Dr. and is full of good news today. Plus there’s nattering about the Dancin’, Gay Days and Las Vegas. Happy National Chocolate Souffle Day.

BFO1065 – Test Your Willpower

The Fat One isn’t feeling great today and he’ll share all of his ailments and possible cures with you so your Cheerios are sure to go flying. Plus there’s a visit to Spotting Big Fatty too! Happy National Strawberry Day.

BFO1064 – Olive Oyl

The Fat One natters about his trip to the Von’s East and the P.O. Box and reads a few of Life’s Instructions for your weekend. Plus there’s a visit to Spotting Big Fatty! Happy Weekend.

BFO1063 – Turkey Chili Omelet

The Fat One brings you up-to-date on day 1 without the carbs and sweets. Plus there is a reminder about the BFO App and some voiceletters. Happy National Banana Bread Day.

BFO1062 – Cavemen

The Fat One report on his visit to the Dr. on Tuesday plus we introduce a brand new segment on the LITTLE SHOW. Happy National Grapefruit Month.

BFO1061 – She’s Pulling Your Leg

The Fat One has returned to the Fat Cave but his voice is elsewhere. There’s a final night recap from the HORRAH weekend plus other nattering. Happy National Sticky Bun Day. VULGAH!

BFO1060 – Chocolate Pudding

The Fat One has concluded the horrah weekend by being overserved. There’s a recap of the events plus several voiceletters and LOTS of overserved nattering. Happy National Cherry Pie Day.

BFO1059 – Mr. Salad and Fluffy Butt

VULGAH! The Fat One recaps his evening before playing some voiceletters and finishing out the LITTLE SHOW with the remainder of the HORRAH weekend schedule. Happy weekend!

BFO1058 – Have a Poke Chop

The Fat One is at the HORRAH and has a full report on activities. Plus there’s a special reading segment of the HORRAH schedule and a visit to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy National Almond Day (sometimes you feel like a nut).