BFO193 – Birthday Month Ends! Praise Great Pumpkin!

The Fat One recorded late after he and Larry Klye attended the Coastal Carolina Fair and ate large amounts of friend foods.  Then he chitta-chats about Halloween plans before treating you to a big surprise.  Try not to overbeverage it on Gay Christmas or you’ll look like today’s artwork on Saturday!

BFO192 – Overserved… again!

The Fat One was overserved prior to having a chance to record but he still gets in voiceletters and some “Memory Lane” music.

BFO191 – WOW!

Big Fatty is speechless after he opens a giftette from an ANONYMOUS Bacon Lover.  It’s so nice that he declares today a “Random Act of Kindness for Bacon Lovers Day.”  Plus there’s “Memory Lane” music and a bit of strangeness as we hit Hump Day of Gay Christmas week.  Enjoy!

BFO190 – Snowflake Challenged

The Fat One is Old and forgot to use the correct microphone for the first half of the show but suddenly remembers it after lots of “goating.”

BFO189 – Eight Inches

The Fat One recaps a wet weekend and has an audio clip from an incident recorded at the SNL taping.  It’s just HORRIFYING!

BFO188 – Trainwreck Friday

The Fat One is making up for lost time this week.  There’s nattering, singing, voiceletters and so much more to get your weekend off the rail.  Enjoy!

BFO187 – Farting Returns!

Big Fatty is Big Farty again which means he’s returning to normal.  There are some e-letters and “Memory Lane” music on today’s show.  Special thanks to the Sea Hag.