4 thoughts on “BFO190 – Snowflake Challenged

  1. My Ears My Ears!!!!!! This is definitely a case for PETA – how dare she sing in front of those poor sheep!
    I guess after this everybody else will be most glad and relieved that she is your exclusive only –

    I loved that farting fax voice letter – lol 🙂 Oh, please don’t worry about your sound quality, I’m afraid that would be the last thing to worry about, dear… 🙂

    Oh by the way, did you manage to squeeze yourself into that new harness? Has it extensions? We need pictures 🙂

  2. RUINED! I don’t know why you had to vacuum during the first half of this show. Even though, I was able to hear that fart!

    Loved the sheep from Kim Beaver.

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