BFO761 – The End is Near!

The Fat One takes everyone down “Memory Lane” with a trip to the Waldorf Astoria and Times Square right after he FINALLY FINISHES reading the 2010 Chrima cards.  Have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve from BF and Poodle McNoodle!

BFO760 – Bac~Os Contain No Bacon

The Fat One rumbles through more Chrima cards but STILL DOES NOT finish.  They must be finished tomorrow though.  Plus it’s the FINAL coupon of the decade on today’s LITTLE SHOW.  Happy National Bicarbonate of Soda Day.

BFO759 – It Could Be Swill

The Fat One is hurrying to open packages and read Chrima cards before the ball drops (VULGAH!).  Please there’s a recap of some of the giftettes he received in Hatlanta.  Enjoy your final HUMP of 2010.

BFO758 – Supper at the Old Folks Home

The Fat One is loopy but back in the Fat Cave.  There’s a full show of nattering about the trip to Hatlanta.  Happy National Chocolate Candy Day.

BFO757 – Gazing With the Country Boy

The Fat One traveled to the home of Wes, the Gay Country Boy, for today’s manly episode of The Gaze. A regular show, with complete Chrima details, on Tuesday from the Fat Cave.

BFO756 – 2010 Chrima Spectacular

Merry Chrima everyone.  The Fat One has a special giftette for all of you (there was one posted on the BFO yesterday).  Happy National Pumpkin Pie Day (VULGAH).