BFO1089 – Mexican Telephonic Invansion

Dear Gussie. The Vulgarians start the LITTLE SHOW and the Mexicans fill up the middle. There are some Celebrations of Exiting the Birth Canal AND a Granny update. Happy Weekend and don’t forget Rabbit, Rabbit on Sunday morning.

BFO1088 – She Makes a Pig Like No Other

The Fat One has a Granny Update, voiceletters and a Pride 48 Vegas Announcement. Happy National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day.

BFO1087 – Diamond Encrusted Cruise

The Fat One natters a bit about the Walnut Hills cruise before playing a variety of interesting voiceletters. PLUS there is a Granny update. Happy National Black Forest Cake Day.

BFO1086 – I Need to Know!

The Fat One has some surprise new today plus he finishes up the weekend update and a confirmation of the Gay Days dinner. Happy National Spanish Paella Day (sounds Mexican).

BFO1085 – E. Pluribus Stone

The Fat One has a list today and doesn’t finish it within the 20 minutes. The Spotting Big Fatty Contest changes and the details are given today PLUS the Gay Days Podcast dinner is announced. Thank you for calling!

BFO1084 – Make a Fist

Dear Gussie today’s show is a unique one. There’s a tip for oral sex specialists (try it) and voiceletters plus much, much more. Happy Weekend!

BFO1083 – Playing With Poodle McNoodle

The Fat One stayed home on Hump Day which allowed Poodle McNoodle to play ALOT of DRAW SOMETHING. We visit Spotting Big Fatty and even have time for an Ask Big Fatty.

1082 – Doppelgänger

Dear Gussie – The Fat One and Poodle McNoodle natter about DRAW SOMETHING before a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and some voiceletters. Happy National French Bread Day.

BFO1081 – Charge-a-plate Chaos

Dear Gussie – The Fat One forgot a few weekend things and has a story about paying his insurance. CAPTIVATING! But there is also a visit to Spotting Big Fatty. Enjoy.

BFO1080 – Cinderella Still Lives

The Fat One has been playing with his…. cassette to mp3 recorder and has some new music today. There’s LOTS of content today too. Special thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for today’s special artwork.