6 thoughts on “BFO1083 – Playing With Poodle McNoodle

  1. A hundred bucks? When is Bacon going to start giving REAL prizes on her little contests? Like a set of American Tourister Luggage!

  2. I rarely swear in writing – so pardon my language…. “where the hell is the picture you promise meGu?”


  3. Draw me something is an amazing game. I love it and poodle is always so funny with her pictures 🙂 thank you for drawing! 🙂

  4. Explanation why I draw a smiling face while playing:
    This was my first ever game with anybody. Unfortunately as I’m a Mexican, the app didn’t explain what to do, it only showed me at first levels (easy, hard…) and I connected them with words (easy was a girl, hard a lamp…) and since I didn’t understand what the game was about I drew something and sent it. Poodle answered with a lamp and I didn’t understand why is she saying lamp??? Since she tried several words I thought one had to find out the max. words with 4 letters. Then again I got that level menu but with different level names. So I drew a cell, then I realized I chose castle, so I drew that. I afterwards got it: I have to draw what they write when choosing the level of complexity. I’m so stupid! Dum game.

  5. Lol,I love it that Mr Superbrain himself HatM does not understand this game for children 🙂 thank goodness I am so simple, I had no problems:)

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