BFO1722 – Noodle Over That

The Fat One closes out the week with nattering and voice letters and then more nattering. Don’t forget State of the Station on Sunday night at 7PM EDT. Happy Weekend!


BFO1721 – Hot Mess

The Fat One heads into the Fat Cave to natter about the quiz programs and more. Plus there is the coupon! Happy August 28: National Cherry Turnover Day.


BFO1720 – Hold Your Horses

The Fat One natters ALOT about upcoming deadlines for Pride 48 and some simple requests of those coming to the event. Plus there’s a throwback segment prompted by Taylor the Latte Boy. Happy Hump Day.


BFO1719 – Change Bucket

The Fat One is back in the Fat Cave with a final update on the HORRAH weekend. There is also a coupon and P.O. Box report. Happy National Cherry Popsicle Day.


BFO1718 – Granny’s Elixer

The Fat One (with Granny cackling in the background) recap the big HORRAH weekend but also have a Big Brother update and various other nattering. Happy Monday and remember, only 4 months until Chrima!


BFO1717 – Special Pillow

The Fat One is at the HORRAH hotel but there’s plenty of nattering about other things too and several voice letters. Don’t forget State of the Station (or State of the Union as Granny calls it) on Sunday night at 7pm EDT. Happy HORRAH!


BFO1716 – Soiled Granny Panties

The Fat One and Granny are on their way to the HORRAH hotel for the weekend by BF has a LITTLE show filled with a Pride 48 update, voice letters and scratch-offs. Happy National Pecan Torte Day.


BFO1715 – Summer Corn

The Fat One has a Vader voiceletter-palooza before sharing some delicious corn on the cob recipes. Happy Humping.


BFO1714 – Noon 05

The Fat One natters ALOT about the latest State of the Station little show as we prepare for the big Pride 48 Vegas weekend… plus there are some voice letters. Happy Hot & Spicy Food Day.


BFO1713 – Far More Regular Than Transit

It’s a weekend recap with LOTS to report on a new microhoist! Happy Monday!