BFO2948 – It’s A Treasure

The Fat One closes out the week with a VERY special Friiiiiiiday LITTLE show including lots of nattering, and Ask Big Fatty question and some Memory Lane Music. Happy Full Moon Weekend and don’t forget the State of the Station on Sunday, May 19 at 8pm EDT in the evening at

BFO2938 – Cinco de Mahnaise

The Fat One closes out the week with another visit down Memory Lane before nattering about his day and reading some e-letter. Happy Racist Chips and Salsa Sunday!

CLICK HERE for the opening video for the Memory Lane Music show.

BFO1565 – Shartistic Excellence in Podcasting

The Fat One closes out Shart Week with some updates from the e-letter box before making a correction to the #1 Fan Contest and some Memory Lane Music. Happy Weekend!

Here’s the video from turnipHed Gesund Heit

and here’s the link to the Gummy Bear Reviews from Joe Z. for you to read


BFO1405 – Get On That!

The Fat One finishes out the week with a special announcement for the #1 Fan of the BFO for 2012, tips to a good night’s sleep, a quiz program music quiz and the announcement of the June Pride 48 line-up. Happy Flag Dau and National Strawberry Shortcake Day. State of the Station and Father’s Day on SUNDAY!