BFO1405 – Get On That!

The Fat One finishes out the week with a special announcement for the #1 Fan of the BFO for 2012, tips to a good night’s sleep, a quiz program music quiz and the announcement of the June Pride 48 line-up. Happy Flag Dau and National Strawberry Shortcake Day. State of the Station and Father’s Day on SUNDAY!


3 thoughts on “BFO1405 – Get On That!

  1. My GUESS is MooseP is going to do a little show?

    Nah – he just likes to tease me with the searching for microphones and all that jazz.

    I am on a four day weekend – we were going to go out of town – but since we now live in the Tropics and we were doing this trip on the Motor-cycles we just cancelled. Tomorrow we will take a trip though on the bikes to have my back tire replaced and the oil changed and whatever else they do – and I am going to use that credit card –

    In all seriousness I knew there were rewards – but I have never gotten any – and sadly this reward card was not used to purchase the carpet – now I am kicking myself – I should have used it to get the free money.

    I guess I like getting free money as much as I like giving free money. I just hope it doesn’t expire.

    Well – I better go make coffee and vacuum.

  2. I am somewhat embarrassed, but I didn’t really know any of the songs (with one obvious exception). I did like it though, especially the wheel of fortune music. ^_^! I guess I may fell like I’m 65, but I still am not. You should see me buying my high fiber cereal and going to dinner before 5 pm.

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