BFO694 – We’ve Got Your Specs

The Fat One has a show chocked full of news and information to include updates on glasses, visors and dancing!  Happy National Chicken Month.

BFO693 – Fat Fingers

Dear Gussie, the Fat One has removed his orange hat and can hear the voiceletters sent to him along with some other surprises.  Don forget to write-in Big Fatty on election day and get registered to vote.

BFO692 – Good N Bad

Dear Gussie!  The Fat One has on his orange hat today as blows it out about his phone experience.  But there’s a little good news in the end so enjoy the super nattering!

BFO691 – Air Cooler

The Fat One can’t remember anything these days but it’s becoming more and more normal.  But somehow he natters for 20 minutes about the weekend.  Happy Monday.

BFO690 – Evil Eye

The Fat One closes the week out with the coupon AND a trip into the Fat Cave.  Have a happy weekend and, at some point, watch this video sent to BF by the Patron Saint and remember that a retired lady from the Coal Mine was from Due West.

BFO689 – Kiddo and Ginger Bro

It’s the Full Moon today so it is off the tracks crazy.  The Fat One issues a tongue lashing to the listeners before he recommends a new iNatter game.  Plus there’s an “older than dirt” quiz.  Happy first full day of autumn/spring (depending on your hemisphere).

BFO688 – How Common!

The Fat One heads down Memory Lane today and talks about fast food in the old days.  Plus the final scratch-off is exposed on the Little Show.  Happy National Ice Cream Cone Day.

BFO687 – Blushing Brides

The Fat One has breaking news for those not on the Twitty plus there’s a full report on the eye doctor appointment.  Enjoy the last full day of summer (northern hemisphere).

BFO686 – New Day

It’s Monday!  And that means that the Fat One is back in your ears for another wonderful week.  We start the scratch-offs today and review the weekend.  Plus there’s a little bit of memory lane also.

BFO685 – Slightly Older than Vera

The Fat One finishes the week with a meaningful good-bye and then natters about lots of other stuff.  Happy weekend.