BFO2568 – Coat Convention

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show with the coupon, some voice letters and some nattering about the Villa. Happy National Mousse Day.

BFO2567 – Dental Authorities

The Fat One finally finishes he report of the holiday in Hatlanta and what happened upon his return to the Villa. Happy National Lemon Cream Pie Day.

BFO2566 – Special Plate

The Fat One is back home in the Villa and has a recap of the Spanksgiving holiday in Atlanta (or at least the part he remembers).


BFO2565 – The Indians Are Gathering Wood

The Fat One is on his way back to the Villa but has the last pre-recorded LITTLE show for you today which is filled with voiceletters, a check-in in Walnut Hills and some reading. Happy National Bavarian Cream Pie Day.

BFO2564 – Liz and Phil

It’s Black Friday but the Fat One has a bargain for you today… a free LITTLE show recorded prior to leaving for Hatlanta. Happy National Peanut Butter Month.

BFO2563 – 10 Pounds of Potatoes

Happy Spanksgiving! The Fat One is over-eating in Hatlanta today but has a special Thanksgiving LITTLE show with some special music and a story.

BFO2562 – No Place to Tee Tee

The Fat One is in Hatlanta but pre-recorded today’s LITTLE show which is filled with plenty of nattering and voice letters (and coupons). Happy Humping!

BFO2561 – Not That Guy

The Fat One is at the HORRAH Hotel when he records but no inappropriate touching (yet). There’s lots of nattering and much more. Happy National Gingerbread Day.

BFO2560 – Drilled My Hole

The Fat One recaps a rather busy weekend as he heads over to the HORRAH Hotal on his way to Hatlanta for Thanksgiving. Happy Monday!

BFO2559 – Poor Santa

The Fat One closes out the week with some nattering and lots of voice letters. Happy Weekend!