BFO3521 – Birthday Contest

The Fat One is back with a knee update, a recap of his day in Fat Acres, a downtown story and a voiceletter announcing a new contest… plus the return of an old friend. Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookrie Day.

BFO3519 – Major Drool

It’s the Fat One’s birthday month and he starts it off with a recap of his weekend in Fat Acres and has Poodle whore out his Amazon Wish List. Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

BFO3518 – End of Chrima in July

After the Vulgarian National Anthem, the Fat One recounts his day in Fat Acres and plays one of his very favorite Chrima songs. Happy weekend!

CLICK HERE to watch the video about Dr. Squatch soap.

BFO3516 – It’s A Blur

The Fat One has had a full day which resulted in a calamity but there’s still time for for a Chrima song. Happy National Milk Chocolate Day.

BFO3513 – Pride48 Weekend

The Fat One is excited about Pride48 weekend and talks about when to tune in before he tries to remember his day in Fat Acres and even has time for a few voiceletters. Happy National Vanilla Ice Cream Day.

BFO3512 – Getting Tickled

It’s off the rails from the start as the Fat One natters about is day in Fat Acres and take a voiceletter. Happy National Penuche Fudge Day (whatever that means).

BFO3508 – Stay in the Slot

The Fat One closes out the week with a recap of his day and some voiceletters. Happy National Corn Fritters Day.

BFO3507 – New Banjo

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day which includes a major technology segment, the coupon and a ballet update. Happy National Gummy Worm Day.

BFO3505 – The Friendly Skies of Your Land….

The Fat One is back and has a list of things to natter about which includes a Memory Lane jingle, technology talk and lots of nattering. Happy National French Fried Potatoes Day.

BFO3504 – Onion Bowl

The Fat One is back with a recap of his weekend and LOTS of nattering. Happy National Pecan Pie Day.