BFO3408 – It Dries Out and Turns White

After the Vulgarian National Anthem, the Fat One natters about the www and flowers and then squeaks in a couple of So-So questions. Happy Full Snow Moon weekend!

So-So Questions accepted through Sunday, February 28… not that anyone cares.

BFO3406 – Wham-O

The Fat One is downtown from the beginning of today’s LITTLE show until the end. There’s a report on his day in Fat Acres, several corrections, backwards cap data and several So-So questions. Happy National Tortilla Chip Day.

BFO3404 – Ask Martha

The Fat One has a recap of his weekend and empties out the So-So bag of questions. Happy National Cherry Month!

BFO3403 – Chicken Soup

The Fat One closes out the week with a recap of a boring day in Fat Acres and several So-So questions. Happy National Chocolate Mint Day.

BFO3402 – Mr. Cackle is VERY Downtown

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day, the coupon and several EXTREMELY So-So questions. Happy National Drink Wine Day.

BFO3401 – Pushing the Beaver Button

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day, an Ask Big Fatty question and a So-So question. Happy National Indian Pudding Day (whatever that is.)

BFO3399 – Celabation

The Fat One takes it off the tracks early as he tells you about his weekend, provides a technology update, opens some VD cards and also has some very sad news. Happy half-priced VD candy day.

BFO3397 – Secure Site

The Fat One has good news! The www is well on its way to normal so the Fat One celebrates with a LITTLE show filled with a recap of his day, to include the coupon, and more So-So questions. Happy National Peppermint Patty Day.

BFO3395 – New Snackette

The Fat One has a recap of his day and some so-so questions. Happy National Pizza Pie Day.

BFO3394 – Blackout

It’s Year 14 of the LITTLE show and the Fat One has had quite the weekend. There’s intrigue and drama culminating with the opening of a fabulous giftette (look for it at Noon on the www). Happy Celebration of Chocolate Month (and the start of VD Week)!