BFO4049 – Never Tested on Animals

The Fat One is back from “Hot Dog Down a Hallway” weekend and just begins to recap the events BUT first he opens additional cards and giftettes. There’s LOTS of surprises to share but not enough time today. Happy National Creamsicle Day.

BFO2728 – Vera Repellent

The Fat One is on Cloud 9 today because he received a very talent-filled giftette. Plus there’s lots of nattering and several voiceletters. Happy National Slurpee Day (7-11).

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CLICK HERE to hear the Old Gal’s Special Chair commercial.

BFO1223 – I Bought Alot of Meat

Surprise! The Fat One forgot to post the LITTLE show. Oh well, it’s just another way of RUINING everything. There’s a trip to the Von’s East and the P.O. Box and 19 more minutes of nattering about something. Happy National Taco Day.