BFO1223 – I Bought Alot of Meat

Surprise! The Fat One forgot to post the LITTLE show. Oh well, it’s just another way of RUINING everything. There’s a trip to the Von’s East and the P.O. Box and 19 more minutes of nattering about something. Happy National Taco Day.

5 thoughts on “BFO1223 – I Bought Alot of Meat

  1. Auntie Vera Charles….are you out there?
    He announced at the intro of the little show the other day that he went to the PO box, and then….no idea he told us. And today he forgets to post the little show? It’s happening.

  2. I have no idea why that was my favorite opening …. you were superb on that call – I laughed so hard – and again today –

  3. you farted on your mic and then went right back to talking without gagging?

    I can’t stop gagging …. .

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