BFO1219 – With Great Pleasure

The Fat One previews the Full Moon weekend but natters up your Friday to get things started. There’s a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and the return of reading some of the 2012 Census forms. Happy weekend!

BFO1218 – 35 More Years

The Fat One has a longevity quiz for everyone today. Just go to and see if you will outlive the Fat One. Happy National Chocolate Milk Day.

BFO1217 – Chihuahua Titicaca

The Fat One has a list today and natters about all sorts of things before playing several voice letters. Happy Hump Day and Yom Kippur.

BFO1216 – In the Tucket

The Fat One REMEMBERS a special day today (unlike last year) but also has lots of things in the P.O. Box and an Ask Big Fatty question from the Surface of the Sun. Happy day before Yom Kippur.

BFO1215 – Catch the Motor Train

The Fat one is back and feeling much better. There’s a recap of the trip home from Lost Wages plus a review of the weekend to include a Granny Report. Happy National Cherries Jubilee Day.

BFO1214 – Pride48 2012 – Final Part

The Fat One finishes up his Las Vegas live show and then has some comments at the end to include several celebrations of exiting the birth canal. Happy weekend!

BFO1213 – Pride48 2012 – Part 2

That Fat One has the second part of his live show from Pride 48 weekend. This is episode #1213. Happy Hump Day.

BFO1212 – Pride48 2012 – Part 1

Today is the first 20 minutes of Big Fatty’s live show during Pride48 2012 in Vegas. Parts 2 and 3 will come Thursday and Friday.

BFO1211 – Let Em Wait!

The Fat One does his last LITTLE show from Lost Wages before heading back to the Fat Cave around 1pm in the afternoon. There’s breaking news and voiceletters today too. Happy National Cheeseburger Day.

BFO1210 – Pacific Pooper

The Fat One is joined again by Dr. E. Pluribus Stone for a quick recap of Pride 48 weekend during which Dr. Stone shares several theories he’s done extensive research on. Happy Monday!