4 thoughts on “BFO1217 – Chihuahua Titicaca

  1. Well, it turned out that the Waffle boys despise the tuna. They don’t eat fish. They are
    Vegetablitarians in fact. Inviting them to sushi was a great success … NOT. 🙁
    But afterwards we had cake and that was nice. They showed me what Americans eat as German chocolate cake with the Coconut on top of it. Vulgah! The Germans within our little party have never seen anything like it. Poor Waffle boys, the Beaver ruined their evening with an overdose of tuna!

  2. Big fatty your new micro hoist is too sensitive to leave the TV on while you do you little show. I could hear the weather rat talking in the background. You’ll have to mute the tv.

  3. Should get a few stray listeners who Google the words Chihuahua Titicaca and get directed here by mistake.

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