BFO1133 – Pokin’ the Escape

The Fat One is in Florida and recaps the drive before a Pride 48 update and some voiceletters. Happy National Macaroon Day.

BFO1132 – Drive Dryness

The Fat One is on the road to Whorelando but took time to do a LITTLE show before leaving. There’s a report on smoked meats, Miss Kitty’s mechanicals, Beryl and a Pride 48 update. Happy humping!

BFO1131 – Vocal Nun

The Fat One has lots to report today including a trip to Spotting Big Fatty, voiceletters, Ask Big Fatty and more. Happy National Salad Month.

BFO1130 – Rocky Road Ice Cream

The Fat One has a full report about his trip to Hatlanta and the crazy things that took place during the weekend. In fact, he natters so much that he ALMOST forgets a special birth canal exiting. Happy National Brisket Day.

BFO1129 – Two Night Minimum

Dear Gussie! The Fat One celebrates several Exiting of the Birth Canal events today plus tells a story about the HORRAH hotel. Happy weekend.

BFO1128 – “Dating Site”

The Fat One natters before he starts nattering and then finishes up with a little more nattering. Happy National Escargot Day. VULGAH!

BFO1127 – Moan and Groan

Today’s LITTLE show has something for everyone… nattering, gentlemen callers, voiceletters, Spotting Big Fatty and reading! Happy humping.

BFO1126 – The Dr., The Captain and Miss Miller

The Fat One has a full report on his visit to El Doctoro plus some Memory Lane thought and a visit to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy National Vanilla Pudding Day.

BFO1125 – Snooze Land

The Fat One recaps the weekend before heading over to Spotting Big Fatty where he is interrupted by BREAKING NEWS, twice! Happy National Strawberries and Cream Day.

BFO1124 – Flabber Gas

The Fat One shares two treasures he received in the e-letters today in this “Memory Lane” edition of the BFO. Then he turns the clock back one year to remind everyone what was happening on the third Friday in May 2011. Happy Weekend!