BFO782 – Fat Guy With a Hockey Clicker

The Fat One exposes the host of the Walnut Hills show today before he does a weekend recap and the explanation of one of the strangest dreams ever.  Happy Ending of National Meat Month.

BFO781 – Hey Fat, It’s Bacon

It’s the end of the last full week of January and the Fat One has a FULL LITTLE SHOW for you today.  There are voiceletters and a double coupon to enjoy heading into the weekend.  Happy weekend!

BFO780 – That’s the Way the Mop Flops

The Fat One is in old man mode today as he drives the train right of the tracks.  There’s twice as much nattering as normal plus an “Ask Big Fatty” question.  And it’s all presented to you in a timely manner.

BFO779 – It’s Scratch-Off Time Again

The Fat One natters about underpants and fannies.  Plus there is an update on the San Francisco portion of the big May trip and another installment of “That’s How They Getcha’.”

BFO778 – In the Mail

The Fat One DOES name the winner of the 777 contest today plus has time for a weekend recap and shares a huge sigh of relief.  Happy Day After National Peanut Butter Day.

BFO777 – Lucky, Lucky, Chicken Dinner

It’s the luckiest episode ever of the BFO as there are lots of entries into the 777 7th caller contests including calls from listeners who have never called before. But in true BF fashion……

BFO776 – Boofay Butts

The Fat One close out the week with the details about the 777 contest.  You don’t have much time to enter so listen carefully for your chance to win the lucky cash prize.  Plus there was something in the P.O. Box.  Don’t forget the LFC tonight at 7pm (in the evening) ET at Pride 48.

BFO775 – Mega Mucks

The Fat One starts off confused and stays that way through most of the LITTLE SHOW.  Lots of celebration of exiting the birth canal wishes and some scratch-offs too.  Plus there’s an sure fire way to stop a nagging cough.  Don’t forget to enter the #1 Fan Contest for 2011.

BFO774 – Eat This Little Show

The Fat One natters about the Full Moon and other LITTLE SHOWS in the intertubes.  Plus there are some scratch-offs and an important e-letter.  Happy National Popcorn Day lovies.