BFO775 – Mega Mucks

The Fat One starts off confused and stays that way through most of the LITTLE SHOW.  Lots of celebration of exiting the birth canal wishes and some scratch-offs too.  Plus there’s an sure fire way to stop a nagging cough.  Don’t forget to enter the #1 Fan Contest for 2011.

5 thoughts on “BFO775 – Mega Mucks

  1. Yes BigFatty, we need to hear about the bottom of your feet while we are eating our cheerios.
    Ewww – I will try it though 🙂

  2. Hey BF, I forgot to tell you. On my birthday, Tuesday, I had to go to my doctor for a regular visit. When he finally realized it was my birthday he decided to give me his present. I instead of spanking he was giving me a SHOT IN MY ASS!!!!! Literally, he did made my birthdy so fucking special..LOL

  3. I guess between tomorrow when you record on Sunday we’ll find out if you have more than seven listeners?!

    Winner-winner Chicken Dinner. I am so excited. I hope you got my package.

  4. Thank you for the anniversarium of exiting the birth canal mention. You’ll be glad to know that according to rules set out by the International Birthday Commission (which Kim Beaver was a member of, though I don’t know if she still is), when time differences cross days, as mine does, it is acceptable for people to observe someone’s birthday on local time or the birthday person’s time.

    There is, however, a special rule that restricts this: On decennial birthdays and semi-decennial birthdays, the observance must occur on the later of the two days.

    See how simple it is? Thanks again—looooooooove ya!

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