BFO715 – Power Bottoms

It’s the last LITTLE SHOW before Gay Chrima and the Fat One has some treats for you today.  Have a safe and fun weekend and enjoy an adult beverage for the Fat One.  See you next month!

BFO714 – Sweet Treats

The Fat One catches up on some loose ends before heading down into the Fat Cave to natter about the Quiz Programs.  Call the Fat One and tell him how you plan to celebrate Gay Chrima this weekend!

BFO713 – Cradle Rocker

Poor Big Fatty!  It’s totally off the tracks today as he can’t keep things straight and gets all tongue-tied.  But who doesn’t love a BFO trainwreck?

BFO712 – Nasty Gravy Burns

The Fat One has been to the P.O. Box and had some really big surprises.  Happy National Mincemeat Pie Day…. VULGAH!

BFO711 – Oh Thank Heaven!

It’s Gay Chrima week and the Fat One has a TREAT for you as he has a secret recording from the Haunted Redwoods.  Plus there’s a weekend report and much more.  Only 2 months until Chrima!

BFO710 – The Podcasters of America

It’s the Full Moon so things are a little cra-cra.  There’s breaking news on the LITTLE SHOW plus BF reveals the special music he’ll use for the Southern California trip updates.  Whatever you do this weekend, stay out of the Redwoods.

BFO709 – Supine Seahag

Dear Gussie the Fat One has more new artwork for the LITTLE SHOW as he remembers Halloween as a small child.  Other than that, it’s pretty much a trainwreck.

BFO708 – A New Segment

The Fat One has a new segment to debut today PLUS there’s a change in the Gay Chrima plans.  Happy National Pork Month.

BFO707 – Spit It Out!

Dear Gussie the Fat One really has trouble with the English language today but is able to spit out another LITTLE SHOW.  There’s a recap of the weekend to include the haunter lock-up.

BFO706 – Drunk-a-thon

The Fat One mixes it up today by NOT telling about the weekend… we’ll save that for tomorrow.  Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day.