BFO3947 – Goldilock’s Camisole

The Fat One takes it off the tracks from the very start as he starts the LITTLE show that includes “good morning” greetings, a recap of the day in Fat Acres and some voiceletters. It all ends with the Catholic Church. Happy National Melba Toast Day.

BFO3923 – The Wait is Over!

The Fat One is back with a recap his day which included the coupon, some VD cards and a preview of a new segment for next week… plus the #1 Fan is CONFIRMED! Happy National Almond Day (especially important to Dr. Stone).

BFO3920 – VD Week is Here!

The Fat One recaps his whirlwind trip to Hatlanta and has an update on an entry for the #1 Fan Contest that he failed to share on the Friiiiiiiday LITTLE show. Also, BF will always be your Val N. Tine. Happy National Italian Food Day.

BFO3779 – Choppy Chop

Rabbit, Rabbit! The Fat One kicks off birthday month with a cruise update, a recap of his weekend and plenty of nattering. In other words, a train wreck. Happy National Sammitch Month.

BFO3688 – Pirate Ship Cruise

The Fat One has had another crazy dream which he shares as he recounts his day in Fat Acres. There’s TWO coupon reports, lots of nattering and some weather talk… in other words, a train wreck. Happy National Cheesesteak Day.