BFO4169 – Wisdom Teeth and Flip-Flops

The Fat One kicks off the final week of #1 entry submissions by recapping his weekend in Fat Acres which included a weather update, some Nip shenanigans, tax talk, a concert and a very strange dream. Happy National Corn Chip Day.

BFO3738 – Big Brother is Coming…

The Fat One recaps his day in Fat Acres and then natters about the summer quiz programs… plus there’s a little sad news and another crazy Big Fatty dream. Happy National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day.

BFO3688 – Pirate Ship Cruise

The Fat One has had another crazy dream which he shares as he recounts his day in Fat Acres. There’s TWO coupon reports, lots of nattering and some weather talk… in other words, a train wreck. Happy National Cheesesteak Day.