Contest Rules

1. Guess the number of phone calls from Kathy Bacon played (or partially played) on the LITTLE SHOW in 2011. This is the number that the Fat One has on record.

2. ONE entry per person sent via e-letter to

3. The guess closest to the actual number of calls, WITHOUT GOING OVER, wins the $21 CASH MONEY prize. If there is a tie, those with the closest guess will be put in a colostomy bag and a winner drawn.

4. Deadline for entries is FRI-day, January 13, 2012, at 6pm ET.

5. Decisions of the FAT ONE are FINAL.

BFO1023 – New Contest!

The Fat One has lots to include in the last LITTLE SHOW of 2011. Plus there is the LIVE countdown in Time’s Square and a visit with Guy Lombardo and the Royal Mexicans. Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve. See you next year. Thanks for listening.

BFO1022 – Mexico, Guam, The UhK and Red Stick

Dear Gussie – The Fat One is back in the Fat Cave, already had a Gentleman Caller and has a box full… VULGAH! Happy National Pepper Pot Day.

BFO1021 – Chrima Loot

The Fat One tries to remember what he got for Chrima but obviously misses some things. Plus there are voiceletters too! Live from the Fat Cave tomorrow! Ooopsie, guess what BF forgot again.

BFO1020 – Good Son

The Fat One tries to remember the events that lead up to Chrima but it basically becomes a trainwreck. Ooopsie – Forgot to mention the contest again. Poor Big Fatty.

BFO1019 – From the Hat Cave

Big Fatty brings you up-to-date on what’s been happening since he arrived in HATlanta. Please call the Fat One at 206-337-1438 to help fill up time of the Tuesday and Wednesday LITTLE SHOW. Thank you for calling! Ooopsie, forgot to mention the contest again!

BFO1018 – Chrima Memory Lane

REPOSTED with better sound (the music is no longer too loud).

Merry Chrima! The Fat One has his 2011 giftette for you today with stories and music from the Fat One’s childhood. Hope the Fat Man was good to you. Ooopsie… BF forgot to announce the contest. Oh well, maybe on Boxing Day.

BFO1017 – Sing Along!

The Fat One has the 2010 Chrima Spectacular for you today so sit back and enjoy a REALLY BIG eggnog while you listen to this one. Happy National Pfeffernuesse Day.

BFO1016 – Return to Myronville

The Fat One natters FAST because today’s rebroadcast of the 2009 Chrima Spectacular fills the rest of the time. Enjoy.

BFO1015 – Balconies and Snowflakes

The Fat One reports about a visit to the home of George in Atlanta before playing the 2008 Chrima Spectacular, “Archer the Snowflake.” Happy National Kiwi Fruit Day (which is NOT a reference to AmeriNz.)