BFO1801 – 2010 Chrima Spectacular

Prepare your ears for the singing in today’s 2010 Chrima Spectacular which includes a reading from the Book of Bacon. Happy Weekend!


BFO1540 – Get Your Ears Ready

The Fat One is getting ready for the big dinner in Hatlanta so has the annual “voices of the angels” for your listening enjoyment — the 2010 Chrima Spectacular. Happy Weekend.


BFO1279 – Angelic Voices

The Fat One has the 2010 Chrima Spectacular for your listening “pleasure” for you today. It’s the last weekend before Chrima so get a good coupon deal!


BFO1017 – Sing Along!

The Fat One has the 2010 Chrima Spectacular for you today so sit back and enjoy a REALLY BIG eggnog while you listen to this one. Happy National Pfeffernuesse Day.

BFO756 – 2010 Chrima Spectacular

Merry Chrima everyone.  The Fat One has a special giftette for all of you (there was one posted on the BFO yesterday).  Happy National Pumpkin Pie Day (VULGAH).