BFO847 – National Treasure

The Fat One closes out the month of April with a show filled with all kinds of things.  Have a great weekend and remember “Rabbit, Rabbit” on Sunday morning!

BFO846 – Talkin’ About the Sex

Dear Gussie… the Fat One has a trainwreck today that includes an “Ask Big Fatty” question and voiceletters.  YES!

BFO845 – Up the Creep with Fatty Klemfuss

The Fat One can’t talk today (imagine that) but natters about vegetables, Secretary’s Day plus what he found in the P.O. Box.  Also, it’s time to do some scratching!  Happy Hump Day!

BFO844 – Chinese Cheese Fondue

The Fat One heads into the Fat Cave to natter about the Quiz Programs and also about the remainder of the weekend.  Happy National Pretzel Day.

BFO843 – Scratchin’ for Vegas

the Fat One recaps part of the weekend before going off on tangents that include talking about going to the P.O. Box.  Happy Monday!

BFO842 – One Hail of a Show!

Dear Gussie!  Poodle McNoodle is under the podcasting table as the Fat One natters about the Easter Bunny, See’s Candies and Poopy Diapers.  Big Hugs to Miss Kitty.

BFO841 – Vons East

The Fat One has a list and ends up nattering about ham, birds and the newspaper.  Plus there are voiceletters and a Northern California trip update.

BFO840 – Second Opinion

The Fat One welcomes a new segment and voice to the LITTLE SHOW today.  Plus there’s an update on the Southern California Meet and Greet AND on the Las Vegas hootenanny.

BFO839 – Send Out a Pulse

The Fat One opens the cards that he Pass(ed)over yesterday and tells about another surprise too!  Plus there is a recommendation for a GREAT television show and a Gentleman Caller story.  Happy National Garlic Day

BFO838 – Secret Sheckles

The Fat One changes it up today by NOT telling you about the weekend but honors a special request by a listener.  Plus there’s an unexpected phone call to share.  If you are planning to attend the NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Meet and Greet, please get in touch with Big Fatty after listening.  Happy Monday.