5 thoughts on “BFO845 – Up the Creep with Fatty Klemfuss

  1. If someone unknowingly served you something you didn’t care for, would you muster up the courage to eat it or would you just accidentally knock the fine china plate to the floor and decline a dixie paper plate full of the same?

    I couldn’t eat it. The other day Bob & Sheri were talking about something gross and I was brushing my teeth & mercy- I about threw up. Weak stomach. Takes a bit to get my wits about myself when I get grossed out.

    Ugh! Reminds me of the Live it Up dot two point oh – Daniel said something that made me – just thinking about it again makes me vomicky.

    Why am I talking (writing) this?

    Poor Miss Wes.

    I sure hope there is mail in the peee-ohhhh box in Walnut Hills, course Vera prolly wont get to the peee-oh box before your arrival.

    When I type my words fall off the page to the right – hate that – usually that’s where my misspelled words are.

    Okay, I am done vandalizing your bloggie-blog.

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