BFO1415 – Pride48 Part 3

The Fat One concludes his installment at Pride 48’s June event with 2 minutes of silence for the chat room. Ruined as usual. Happy weekend.


BFO1414 – Pride48 Part 2

Here’s the 2nd part of the BFO installment at Pride 48 which features Auntie Vera Charles and the Fat One down at the end of the bar.


BFO1412 – Halfway to Chrima 2013

The Fat One natters alot about Pride 48 and looks toward the Vegas event with some important tips for those considering going. Don’t forget that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are rebroadcasts of the live Pride 48 event last weekend. Happy National Strawberry Parfait Day. Poor Big Fatty forgot to wish Creamie Marc Saco a happy exiting today. RUINED.


BFO1411 – Peanut Box

The Fat One recaps the weekend which was filled with Pride48 listening and adult beverages. Happy Monday!


BFO1410 – Brownie Locks

The Fat One finishes off the week with a show filled with segment bumpers. There’s summertime music, the coupon, something in the P.O. Box, Take That, the quiz program quiz, Big Brother and a final Pride 48 update. Don’t forget to tune into BF tonight at 9pm EDT on Pride48 and bring your Ask Big Fatty questions and quiz program guesses to the chat room.


BFO1409 – Like A Champ

The Fat One feels GREAT today and it shows with extra nattering. Plus there are voiceletters and the next 3 quiz program themes for the quiz. If you’re interested in donating to TurnipHed’s upcoming walk, you can click here. Happy National Vanilla Milkshake Day.


BFO1408 – Hit By a Truck

The Fat One doesn’t feel well today but natters through the 20 minutes with info about the Big Brother house and a Quiz Program Quiz. Happy humping!


BFO1407 – Examining the Yeti

The Fat One reports on his visit to the dermatologist before taking several voiceletters and has a visit to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy National Cherry Tart Day.


BFO1406 – If Only I Had…

That Fat One recaps the weekend which included a funeral, a trip to the P.O. Box, adult beverages and plans for Pride 48 weekend. Happy National Apple Strudel Day.