BFO1547 – Ball Drop 2013

The Fat One closes out 2013 with the Vulgarian National Anthem, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, voice letters and the traditional step back in time for New Year’s Eve in New York (so nice they named it twice). Happy Nude Year!


BFO1546 – Out of the Funk

The Fat One and Poodle are back in the Fat Cave and recap the weekend, open packages and talk about gentleman callers and the final coupon of 2013. Happy National Bicarbonate Of Soda Day.


BFO1545 – Voiceletters (mercifully)

The Fat One asked and you delivered (with lots of help from Miss Bacon)! It’s a voiceletterpalooza today as the Fat One and Poodle travel back to the Fat Cave. A recap of Chrima on Monday’s LITTLE show. Happy FINAL weekend of 2013.


BFO1544 – Chrima Card Catch-Up

The Fat One catches up on Chrima cards he received before leaving for Hatlanta. Happy National Candy Cane Day.


BFO1543 – Chrima 2013

Ho Ho Ho! The Fat One has a giftette for you from Chrima Past with special thanks to Larry H. Vader, that’s Vader – V-E-D-E-R. Enjoy and Happy Humping.


BFO1542 – An Old Fashioned Chrima Eve

The Fat One is wrapping Poodle’s packages today so enjoy the 2012 Chrima Spectacular and leave some cookies (and tanqueray and tonic with 2 limes) for a late night visitor. Happy National Egg Nog Day.


BFO1541 – Hatlanta Dinner and Chrima Memories

The Fat One has a short recap of the dinner last Friday with Hatlanta-area podcasters prior to sharing some Chrima Memories which made up the 2011 Chrima Spectacular. Happy National
Pfeffernuesse Day.


BFO1540 – Get Your Ears Ready

The Fat One is getting ready for the big dinner in Hatlanta so has the annual “voices of the angels” for your listening enjoyment — the 2010 Chrima Spectacular. Happy Weekend.