BFO1543 – Chrima 2013

Ho Ho Ho! The Fat One has a giftette for you from Chrima Past with special thanks to Larry H. Vader, that’s Vader – V-E-D-E-R. Enjoy and Happy Humping.


10 thoughts on “BFO1543 – Chrima 2013

  1. That was an amazing rereading of a previous episode. It was so good I would have thought it was almost a recording of an old episode. Glad the whole gang of Christmas past could come together for this special look back.

  2. That was an entertaining BFO Chrima Spectacular!
    I had to giggle at the prediction that the iPhone wouldn’t completely replace the Blackberry. We all know how that’s working out.

    Kinda sad that the replays of past Chrima Spectaculars are over now, and at the same time, it will be great to hear the regular episodes return.

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