BFO258 – End of Year #1

The Fat One ends his first year with a natterfest of #1 Fan Entries plus a special Cruise Ship Update.  Happy Friday.  Don’t forget the Anniversiarium show during halftime of the Big Game on Sunday.


BFO257 – Someone’s Snotty

The Fat One was sick on Wednesday but has been resting and medicating to feel better.  There’s some voiceletters and submissions to the #1 Listener Contest.  Enjoy your Thursday.


BFO256 – For Medicinal Purposes Only

The Fat One has an update from the Dr., a package in the Post Office Box and a new lurker who comes out with the whole family.  Happy Hump  Day.


BFO255 – The Northeast Fetch

Someone thinks he’s getting a cold… just in time for his annual physical.  Oh the HORRAH!  But the Fat One comes through with #1 Fan Contest entries and talk about the new quiz programs.  Happy Tuesday.


BFO254 – Tug and Barge Show Weekend

The Fat One shares his weekend experiences and some more entries into the #1 Fan Contest.  Back to the Coal Mines!


BFO253 – Peanut in His Pants

The Fat One takes it off the tracks as he heads to the Boat Show but not before chatting about Mr. Vader doing a dance and reminding everyone that Larry Klye’s birthday is Saturday.  Oh, and there’s LOTS of POOP talk too.  Happy Weekend!


BFO252 – Older Than the President

The Fat One deals with being old by nattering about stuff on the Kim Beaver website and other things… plus there are some voiceletters too!  Happy Thursday.


BFO251 – Womp, Womp

Big Fatty was poopy on Tuesday and slept through the events in Washington.  But, he’s feeling better (sorta) and has some more entries in the #1 Fan Contest and some “Memory Lane” music.


BFO250 – Colonic Excitement

The Fat One only has had iced tea today and looks back at the Drunkiecast yesterday.  There’s still time to enter the “#1 Fan Contest” so get your 25-word submissions in before Jan. 30!