7 thoughts on “BFO258 – End of Year #1

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. I may be #2 but I do provide lots of fodder for people. That’s a good thing. Looking forward to Sunday’s special episode!

  2. Did you hear that Sea-Hag’s latest show Big? You’ve been ripped-off! It started out with “Memory Lane Music”, The Patty Duke Show Theme: “But Patty Loves to Rock and Roll, a hot dog makes her loose control….” Well, sorta. Freak-Out Kisses…

  3. Has it only been 1 year?

    The Fat One has been a part of my life on a daily basis…it seems like I have know him for years.

    Viva Le Fat!

  4. Vous avez raison Monsieur Le Président! Chaque fois j’´écoute le BFO j’ai l’impression que son show ne dure 20 minutes mais 2 heurs. Comme cela une année vous apparait comme une décennie!


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