BFO454 – Twas the Night…..

The Fat One has a TREAT-filled Friday episode for the last day of October.  There are voiceletters and a SPECIAL something just for the listeners.  Remember to turn your clocks backs in most areas of the USA when you go to bed Saturday night and check the BFO on Sunday morning for something special too!

Gay Christmas Week

BFO453 – Remove Stubborn Fatty Bits

It’s a Rajun Cajun-palooza today.  There a recipe, e-letter and ghost story all from the Big Sleezy today.  Big Fatty needs a couple of additional voiceletters so he can TREAT you to Jeremiah’s voiceletter tomorrow.  Call now… operators are standing by….  so you don’t forget, call before midnight tonight.

Gay Christmas Week

BFO452 – Double Elimination

We’re over the hump for Gay Christmas week and the Fat One natters more than a kid on a sugar high.  Head down into the Fat Cave and make sure to call 206-337-1438 so that we can all hear Jeremiah’s report on his trip to New Orleans tomorrow.

Gay Christmas Week

BFO451 – 4 Days to Go!

The Fat One has a show of TERROR from start to FINISH.  This one is NOT for the weak of heart (although Archer should be OK).  Happy National Potato Day!

Gay Christmas Week

BFO450 – Happy Holloweenur

It’s Gay Christmas Week and the Fat One has lots of surprises for you but don’t worry, there’s ALWAYS time for th Coupon report!  Look for a special photo at Noon today.

Gay Christmas Week

BFO449 – Bellowing For It!

The Fat One is handing out the love today…. mainly because he’s had a couple of glasses of red wine!  There’s music and nattering and just some Interweb Hugs for all.  Happy Weekend!


BFO448 – The Family Tree

Look out!  The train is off the tracks… there’s no list, there’s no focus BUT there’s plenty of gas.  Dear Sweet Gussie!


BFO447 – Off the Top of my Head

Today, we’re “Blowing It Out with Big Fatty” with a very special call into the Fat Cave.  Big Fatty has a big announcement plus catches up on some e-letters.  Happy Hump Day!


BFO446 – Merry Thanksgivoween

Believe it or not, the Fat One natters on about some e-letters and a quick recap of the Kathy Griffin show (and an apology to Stacy) before he plays some dreamy voiceletters.  It’s National Pork Month….  be a pig!