7 thoughts on “BFO449 – Bellowing For It!

  1. Seems the wine makes things go a bit more smoothly. No yawning, no throat clearing etc.

    Tip a few Sunday night as well.


  2. Hey BF – great skit – for a second I thought it was AVC – and really – recorded in one take? The only thing I would have added was the name-dropping sound! I was totally waiting for it! Beaver – or Breuer – or Brewer was so patient – I know where I am going when I want to start playing wow – errr, or maybe it isn’t for us girls. Well, least I know space bar will make my character jump, wonder if it would work on Smelly!
    Alright – no novellas – off in my chevy, toodles and bye!

  3. Good Lord.I turn my back for 48 hours and the BF breaks open mummy’s special grape juice and goes all soft and mushy on us with another shag-in.

    I agree with the other comments though in that this was one smooooth show 🙂

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