BFO585 – Dusting Powder

The Fat One closes out the week with some voiceletters and the start of a special birthday countdown.  Happy weekend!

BFO584 – House of Pansies

The Fat One is recording LATE because of a HORROR meeting and it all starts off with sad news.  But then there’s good well wishes and information on the Gay Days Podcast dinner.  Happy National Shrimp Scampi Day (like you give a Tinker’s Damn!)  Special thanks to the Patron Saint of the BFO for today’s special show art.

BFO583 – California Brittle

It’s CLEARLY a Full Moon as today’s show is full of craziness… from MyFace requests from dead people to voiceletters from HATlanta, it’s enough to overheat your brain.  YAWN!

BFO582 – Feet Shoes

Dear Gussie – The Fat One talks about several listeners, the quiz programs and world records on today’s show.  It’s a natterfest like never before.

BFO581 – Springy Car

Dear Gussie it is off the tracks before it ever starts BUT the Fat One does update you on the weekend and scratches the lottery cards sent by Peter G.  Happy National Pretzel Day.

BFO580 – I Had a Banana

The week concludes with the coupon, sing-a-long “Memory Lane” music and some special items in the P.O. Box.  Also, according to Mr. VEDER, there WILL be a LFC at 7pm EDT.

BFO579 – It’s Just Thrown Me

There’s an annoying sound problem today and I’m not sure how to fix it… it’s like a broken record but the Fat One moves it along with some special content and some Sing-a-long “Memory Lane” music.

BFO578 – Bubbe and Butter Butt

Dear Gussie, today is a gigglefest as the Fat One explores nicknames for grandhats.  Plus there’s a recipe and some modern-day Sing Along “Memory Lane” music.  Happy humping!

BFO577 – Cold Feet

Yikes…. the show starts off the tracks but finally gets back on with some Mexican singing.  Happy National Pineapple Upside-down Cake Day.

BFO576 – Bag Stew or Vera Turns 400

Dear Gussie.  It’s a special BFO today as we dedicate today’ show to the Seahag who reaches her 400th podcast milestone (similar to a gallstone).  And the Fat One celebrates with some special “Memory Lane” music and a recipe a go0may cook will die for.  Happy 400th hag!