BFO3885 – Is a Covered Wagon and a Hooded Bishop the Same?

The Fat One is back to continue his Chrima weekend recap which included a 1985 tv machine Chrima classic, a cold weather report and a lovely, just lovely Chrima salad. Happy National Fruit Cake Of the Claxton variety rather than loopy person) Day.

BFO3322 – Nestea Plunge

Happy Gay Chrima Weekend! The Fat One kicks it off with the Vulgarian National Anthem, a 2020 Census, a recipe and a review of his day in Fat Acres. Don’t forget to FALL BACK Saturday Night. Happy National Candy Corn Day!

BFO2914 – Boss Hog

Rabbit, Rabbit! The Fat One is back to start April Fool’s Day with a recap of his weekend which included a gentleman caller, talking from the great beyond and some cooking in the Villa kitchen. Happy National Sourdough Bread Day.