BFO3885 – Is a Covered Wagon and a Hooded Bishop the Same?

The Fat One is back to continue his Chrima weekend recap which included a 1985 tv machine Chrima classic, a cold weather report and a lovely, just lovely Chrima salad. Happy National Fruit Cake Of the Claxton variety rather than loopy person) Day.

BFO3884 – Is That a Cow?

The Fat One kicks off Boxing Day by opening the cards that arrived over the weekend, then does the scratch-off sent by Str8 Bob and finally begins the recap of Chrima weekend. Much more on the weekend tomorrow. Happy National. Candy Cane Day.

BFO2853 – Poor Big Fatty

The Fat One is back and not “pre-recorded for presentation at this time” with a quick recap of the Chrima holiday. Many thanks to all who sent good thoughts for the Hatarina and for those who stepped forward to fill-in for the Fat One. Happy National Meat Month.