BFO2853 – Poor Big Fatty

The Fat One is back and not “pre-recorded for presentation at this time” with a quick recap of the Chrima holiday. Many thanks to all who sent good thoughts for the Hatarina and for those who stepped forward to fill-in for the Fat One. Happy National Meat Month.

3 thoughts on “BFO2853 – Poor Big Fatty

  1. Finally. Good to have you back. Congratulations to all the great people who stood in. Well done and probably a first in the podcasting world.

  2. Loved listening to the BFO Appreciation shows, great jobs by all. You have so many friends that care about you. Great to hear you back this morning on my own nippa walk and that things are working out for the Hatarina.

  3. So great to have you back Figs and it’s wonderful to hear everything is going well!!

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