BFO2403 – Poofy Hair

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show (like Granny’s colon) that includes the coupon, an Ask Big Fatty question, nattering about something in the Ville mailbox and some reading for those OVER 40. Happy National Turkey Neck Soup day (that is not a reference to anyone OVER 40).

BFO2401 – Musical Concoction

The Fat One has lots of nattering today but has time for a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and a chance to check out what was in the Villa mailbox. Plus there a few Shart Week leftovers. VULGAH! Happy Black Forrest Caaaaaaake Day.

BFO2399 – Mushy Between My Cheeks

The Fat One closes out Shart Week with some stories from listeners and more shart stories from Joe in Dallas. Happy weekend.

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